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"This is the first computer book I have read in bed for pleasure rather than as a cure for insomnia!"

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Below are brief details on my current Top Selling books, plus a couple of freebies. Click on the cover image or select the ‘>>Book Page’ link to learn more about the book, access files, and any errata or additional information. If you have any questions, drop me an email, and I’ll do my best to answer. (I live in Sydney, so I am probably asleep when the rest of the world wakes, so please give me a day or two to answer!)

RPi OS Assebly Language

RPi Assembly Language

Ideal for all models of the Raspberry Pi and now in the FOURTH edition, this book has sold right around the globe. Book enhanced by reader feedback to make this the ultimate Raspberry Pi assembler programming tutorial. The lucid text keeps things simple and includes many tried and tested program examples you can try for yourself.
The ultimate guide to assembly language on your favourite computer. It covers many aspects of using the Assembly Language on the Raspberry Pi Operating System. Available in print (328 pages) or eBook format. Free on Kindle Unlimited.
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RPi RISC OS Programming

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Discover the best 'unknown' OS for the Raspberry Pi. The first ARM Operating System is still unique and easy to learn today. Want a change from Linux-derived OSs? Then look no further. Aimed at those wishing to learn how to program RISC OS directly but are struggling with the Programmers Reference Manuals (PRMs) or don’t know where to start – this book will teach you everything you need to know to get the most from RISC OS running on your Raspberry Pi.  A practical approach with plenty of examples takes you on and behind the Desktop. It even shows how to write machine code in BBC BASIC. This book takes the lid off the RISC OS operating system and reveals how to use it. 
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Raspberry Pi RISC OS 

Raspberry Pi Assembly Language on RISC OS. You can become an accomplished and confident programmer by following the examples and applying them yourself. The book shows how to use the inbuilt BBC BASIC Assembler to create and generate machine code, demonstrating how to integrate the flexibility of BBC BASIC into your assembler. Later chapters introduce the industry standard (and free) GCC Compiler and show how to create machine code. The book starts from first principles using a modular approach with clear descriptions. Gradually progressing onto more complex topics, you will become a confident programmer by applying the examples and them yourself. >>Book Page  >>Top

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A32 Assembly Language

Note: The contents of this book have significant carry-over with Raspberry Pi OS Assembly Language.
A complete guide to learning ARM programming. This comprehensive volume applies to all 32-bit ARM architectures, including ARMv7 and ARMv8. This includes the processors available on most Single Board Computers (SBC). Program examples are written using the freely available GCC Assembler and Compiler. It covers all aspects of the ARM instruction set.  
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Sport: Highbury

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Highbury: Story of
Arsenal Stadium

"Am impressively researched tribute to a beautiful stadium." 
Hamstead and Highgate News.

Third Edition: Extensively updated and revised. This edition includes even more detail and information about this beautiful stadium, which has since been converted into apartments that keep much of the old façade intact, whilst the pitch is a lovely garden.
Anybody interested in football (Soccer) will find the content fascinating, as well as some of the uses of the stadium over the decades.
In addition, we look back from today’s viewpoint – and a new stadium just a stone's throw from Highbury – and ask, “Was it worth it?” Will the answer surprise you?
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