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Gone, Not Forgotten

Extensively updated and revised, Bruce Smith has expanded his impressively researched tribute to include even more information about this beautiful stadium. In addition, he looks back from, today’s viewpoint and asks, “Was it worth it?” Will the answer surprise you?
ISBN: 978-0-6480987-1-3
Publisher: Bruce Smith Books

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Every Fact at your Fingertip

The Virgin Arsenal Fact File is a goldmine of facts and figures for all devoted fans of the famous north London giant.
Every season, every team, every result, every goal, every player, every trophy - everything the dedicated Gooner needs to know.
Publisher: Virgin Books

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FAPL Records

A useful and detailed statistical outline of the Premier League. It also details clubs that are no longer in the league, a feature absent from many other similar books. The tome also includes detailed player records for all players, including the clubs they played for.
ISBN: 0-7535-0468-5
Publisher: Virgin Books

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Another Googlie

More than 500 fact-packed pages for English cricket fans. Covering all games up to the 2000 season. Includes scorecards for every England Test match since 1946. Full scorecards of single one-day internationals. Players, averages, runs, wickets, team stats and more.
ISBN: 0-7535-0466-9
Publisher: Virgin Books

Mandatory for F1 Diehards

"It's very difficult to make a book filled only with statistics interesting. For the diehard F1 fan this is a mandatory item on the bookshelf alongside Sid Watkins' Life At The Limit. Unbeatable value for money, even if it does stop at the end of 1999." Phil Haigh

ISBN: 0-7535-0461-8
Publisher: Virgin Books

First Year: Season 1995

The first edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Pocket annual was sponsored by Reliant Motors and co-authored by Mark Eames from BBC Three Counties Radio. Included was a 32-page colour section with pictures of cars and drivers for the season ahead. In all, 192 pages packed with reviews, previews and driver details with race records.
ISBN: 0-1-898351-25-2
Publisher: Words On Sport

Second Year: Season 1996

The 1996 edition of the annual increased to 240 pages. It included greater detail and more comprehensive coverage of what was to come in the season ahead. Included expanded reviews, plus extended race team and driver profiles. The F1 Pocket Bible according to many journalists and reviewers!
ISBN: 0-1-898351-43-0
Publisher: Words On Sport

Third Year: Season 1997

Virgin, in association with F1 News, came on board as the Annuals significant sponsor for 1997. The contents remained in the same format, with the 1996 season reviewed and the 1997 season previewed. Records throughout with profiles fully revised and updated, providing a thorough history of the previous seasons' F1 calendar.
ISBN: 0-7535-0117-1
Publisher: Virgin Publishing

Fourth Year: Season 1998

The fourth year of the annual sported a different cover style and colour. Virgin was continuing as title sponsor and publisher. Race information was presented in several new tables, providing information in several more accessible ways. Detailed reviews and previews of the season ahead continued to populate the book.
ISBN: 0-7535-0295-x
Publisher: Virgin Publishing

Fifth Year: Season 1999

The 1999 season edition saw another slight adjustment to the cover, which would be standard for the next few years. The content followed the familiar format. Cramming a vast amount of information into the 240-pages remained a constant battle! Often a case of deciding what to leave out!

ISBN: 0-7535-0326-3
Publisher: Virgin Publishing

Sixth Year: Season 2000

Extending the season 2000 edition by 16-pages helped resolve some of the previous space restraints. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the magazine F1 Racing wrote: “Packed full of everything you need to know.” An Estonian edition was translated and published by the Tallinn based publishing house, iIrjastud ilo.

ISBN: 0-7535-0431-6
Publisher: Virgin Publishing

Seventh Year: Season 2001

The 2001 season edition was the last published by Virgin Books, and coincided with the publication of the Virgin Formula 1 Record File (see above). The familiar format updated stats, reviews and previews. Motoring & Leisure magazine said, "An indispensable companion for the avid Grands Prix fan."

ISBN: 0-7535-0582-7-6
Publisher: Virgin Publishing

Eighth Year: Season 2003

Rough Guides launched a physically more significant annual utilising a two-colour format throughout. The change in publisher came too late in publishing a title for 2002. Copious photos and circuit illustrations significantly improved the overall presentation.

ISBN: 1-84353-135-6
Publisher: Rough Guides Ltd

Ninth Year: Season 2004

The ninth edition, turned out to be the penultimate publication in the F1 series. Great production values and terrific circuit maps.
Ultimately the coming of the internet and easy access to dedicated real-time websites affected many publishers of yearbook-style annuals.
ISBN: 1-84353-246-8
Publisher: Rough Guides Ltd

Tenth Year: Season 2005

After 11 years, the tenth edition was the last in a well-received series of F1 pocket annuals.
Published by Paragon Publishing, the annual took on a slightly more traditional book format. The bigger size made it easier on the eye but perhaps not so accessible to the pocket!
ISBN: 1-899820-11-6
Publisher: Paragon Publishing

Premier League is here!

Founded for the 1992-93 season, the FA Premier League changed the face of football within England. The beginning of an influx of foreign stars aided by the cash injection from lucrative broadcast rights deals at home and worldwide. The first edition of the FAPL Annual provided a record of that first season.

ISBN: 1-898351-01-5
Publisher: Words On Sport

Second Year: Season 1994-95

Increased to 320-pages, the second edition of the annual included the playing records of every premier league player and a full review of each teams season.
Charts and records provided additional insight into the history of clubs and details of the newly promoted teams. Also included complete league tables. 
ISBN: 1-898351-06-6
Publisher: Words On Sport

Third Year: Season 1995-96

Year three of publication increased to 400-page containing more detail than previous publications, including a comprehensive and unique range of FA Premier League records. The player directory introduced complete lifetime records of all players in the FA Premier League with goals and substitute appearances.

ISBN: 1-898351-29-5
Publisher: Words On Sport

Fourth Year: Season 1996-97

The Fourth Year of publication. The 412-pages contained the normal comprehensive and unique range of FAPL records, including past tables, scorers, attendances and fixtures. The club directory included FAPL records for clubs and players and a full review of the season.

ISBN: 1-89835144-9
Publisher: Words On Sport

Fifth Year: Season 1997-98

Virgin Books published the subsequent three editions of the annual, with 1997-98 the first. Pagination increased to 442 pages, and new information included the number of goalkeeper clean sheets and more detail regarding managers to have taken charge of clubs in the Premier League.

ISBN: 0-7535-0122-8
Publisher: Virgin Books.

Sixth Year: Season 1998-99

The Sixth Edition continued to build on its unique collection of FAPL statistics and records. New items it covered included transfers between clubs and international records, match-by-match, and player records updated, along with profiles and reviews.

ISBN: 0-7535-0212-7
Publisher: Virgin Books.

Seventh Year: Season 99-00

Taking a similar line to the Formula 1 annuals, the 1999-2000 FAPL annual was the final one. Sponsored by The Mirror (a British daily tabloid), the introduction included a preview and then predictions by some of the top sports journalists of the time. A thinner version of the 320-page tome was also produced and was a 96-page giveaway for Mirror readers.

ISBN: 0-7535-0353-0
Publisher: Virgin Books.

European Playfair

Playfair was a well-known name for football books published by Headline. This annual included a special club section detailing all the sides competing in the 1993-94 European competitions. Packed with previous competition details and insights into how the club seeding systems worked and squeezed into 288 pages.

ISBN: 0-7472-4155-4
Publisher: Headline.

Guide to European Football

A fascinating insight into footballing events for the year to 31 July 1994 as they unfolded around the continent during one of the most noteworthy seasons ever.
A combination of lively writing, complete statistical analysis and magnificent photographs makes this an essential reference work, including the USA World Cup Finals and UEFA Competitions.
ISBN: 0-74727835-0
Publisher: Headline

Euro Leagues

After a gap of four years and with European Club football swiftly on the rise, Collins commissioned this annual, which, in many respects, wasn’t too far away from the previous Playfair annual but included more about the various European club leagues with final tables and season reviews.

ISBN: 0-00-218916-X
Publisher: Collins Willow.

Virgin Sweep in EFL

With the Virgin FAPL Annual success, we produced an equal event annual for the English Football League Club - covering Nationwide Leagues 1, 2 and 3. Informative and comprehensive, the publication was well-received, but sales probably reflected that the FA Premier League was the real focus of the football fan.
ISBN: 0-7535-0217-8
Publisher: Virgin Books.

First Year: Season 1991-92

Non-League Football (Football outside the four main professional leagues) has a dedicated following in England. The Playfair Non-League Football Annual  covered just about everything in the semi-professional game. Reviews of critical matches and non-league internationals and a comprehensive look at the English football pyramid.
ISBN: 0-356-19608-9
Publisher: Queen Anne Press

Second Year: Season 1992-93

The second edition expanded its historical section providing a reference guide to the Non-League games and reviews of the season across the Pyramid and all major competitions. Profiles of all the major non-league clubs included playing records and ground directories. A photo section was also included for the first time.

ISBN: 0-7472-4033-7
Publisher: Headline

Third Year: Season 1993-94

Updated and revised, the fourth year continued on the popular format of previous seasons and included coverage of the FA Vase and FA Trophy. The progress of Kidderminster to the Fifth Round of the FA Cup was undoubtedly the highlight of the season; narrowly losing to West Ham was indeed an outstanding achievement, having beaten Birmingham City and Preston in previous rounds.
ISBN: 1-898351-00-7
Publisher: Words On Sport

Fourth Year: Season 1994-95

Nostalgically this edition included details of some of the famous clubs who had passed into oblivion, often due to lack of funds or simply a total collapse on the playing side. A picture from an entrance outside the former home of Bradford Park Avenue twenty years after it fell into liquidation in 1974.
Sadly this annual also proved to be the last in the series too.

ISBN: 1-898351-07-4
Publisher: Words On Sport

World Cup Finals 1998

The France '98 World Cup Pocket Annual is the essential guide to the most exciting football event ever! Includes an in-depth review of all 32 finalists with full details on how each reached the showpiece stage.
The complete World Cup record section will resolve any argument, whilst comprehensive profiles on all England squad players including complete match records.

ISBN: 0-7535-0206-2
Publisher: Virgin Books

Rugby World Cup 1999

With venues across the British Isles and France (Wales were the official hosts), the 1999 World Cup was arguably the most cosmopolitan of all. Including a complete facility guide and fixtures therein was an essential section of the annual, including results and reviews of previous Finals. A comprehensive guide to all the qualifying stages added the background to make this the perfect armchair guide.
ISBN: 0-00-218915-1
Publisher: Collins Willow

Cricket World Cup 1999

Held almost entirely in Britain, the 1999 Cricket World Cup completed a terrific summer of first-class sport in the UK. Includes in-depth profiles of the twelve competing nations and features on the notable star names to watch out for, plus a complete world cup form guide, including past results and records: co-authored with Mark Webb and Salim Parvez.

ISBN: 0-00-218903-8
Publisher: Harper Collins

Cricket World Cup 2003

Four years on, and South Africa hosts the Cricket World Cup. Published by Rough Guides, the 2003 edition was published in full colour and included some excellent photography. Co-authors for this edition included Mark Webb and Mike Moon, but the smaller pagination meant that the traditional historical statistics and records were absent.

ISBN: 1-8435-3198-4
Publisher: Rough Guides

Olympic Games 2000

It was great to work at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and this annual provided an excellent guide for myself, especially for sports that I had little knowledge of (No comments, please!). Co-authored with Mark Webb, the pocket guide included a full timetable of events, history and results of Olympics games, an all-time list of medal winners and an A-Z guide of all Olympic Sports taking place.
ISBN: 0-00-218921-6
Publisher: Collins Willow

MotorSport 2000

The companion annual to the Virgin Formula 1 Pocket Annual. MotorSport 2000 has a full coverage of all other motor events in 2000, including Champ Car, British Touring Car, Formula 3000, F3 Championship and the World and British Rallies. Reviews, results, driver details, historical records and full team details.

ISBN: 0-7735-0435-9
Publisher: Virgin Books

Year One: Fantasy 1987-88

Supported by Sky Sports, this handbook provided all the facts and figures needed to create a winning Fantasy Football team. Details of all the various versions of Fantasy Football and strategies and best ways to earn points to propel you to success. It included player profiles with the previous player and team performances.
ISBN: 0-00-218798-1
Publisher: Collins Willow

Year Two: Fantasy 1988-89

Revised for the 1988-99 Fantasy Football season. This new edition provided fantasy performance statics from the previous season. Player profiles included over 100 photos of top stars in action. A guide on becoming the best Fantasy Manager with details on results deemed bankers and strategies for selecting your team players.
ISBN: 0-00-218856-2
Publisher: Collins Willow

Year One: Olympic Gold

The Balsam Hockey Yearbook was born from the excitement of GBs Olympic Gold medal in Seoul, and corresponding launch of the Pounsdtretecher National Hockey League. At 768-pages it was, and probably still is, the most comprehensive publication about the game. Full season reviews, with team photos and a player directory.
ISBN: 1-870336-99-2
Publisher: Dabs Press

Year Two: British Inclusive

The 1990-91 edition expanded to include coverage of the Irish, Scottish and Welsh hockey worlds. The indoor hockey game was included for the first time. Reviews of all major national, European and world events were supplemented with historical statistics as previous club sections, and player profiles completed the yearbook.
ISBN: 1-873057-05-9
Publisher: Burlington Publishing