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Gone. Not Forgotten

Extensively updated and revised, Bruce Smith has expanded his impressively researched tribute to include even more information about this beautiful stadium. In addition he looks back from, today’s viewpoint and asks, “Was it worth it?” Will the answer surprise you?

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Every Fact at your Fingertip

The Virgin Arsenal Fact File is an absolutre goldmine of facts and figures for all devoted fans of the north London giant.
Every season, every team, every result, every goal, every player, every trophy - everything ypou need to know.  
Published: 7 Dec. 2000.

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FAPL Records

A useful and detailed statistical outline of the Premier League.  It also details clubs that are no longer in the league, which a feature absent from many other premier league books. The book also includes detailed player records fo all players, including the clubs thay played for.

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Another Googlie

More that 500 fact-packeds pages for English cricket fans. Covering all games to 2000. Includes scorecards for every England Test match since 1946. Full scorecards of single one-day internationals. Players, averages, runs, wickets, team stats and much more.

Mandatory for F1 Diehards

It's very difficult to make a book filled only with statistics interesting. For the diehard F1 fan it is a mandatory item on the bookshelf alongside Sid Watkins' Life At The Limit.  Unbeatable value for money, even if it does stop at the end of 1999. Phil Haigh