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“This is one of the better introductory books that explain in sufficient detail how the Pi can work for you by making you an instant expert; well almost an expert. It gets you on track with a host of applications and well on your way to being an expert. Applying the Pi takes you in two different directions. First there is the hardware and then there is the software. This book has far more width of subjects than depth.
Most users will find several uses to focus on in this book and by reading it you will come to understand the usable world of the Pi. This will give you the 10,000 ft view of its scope of operation. If this is enough for you it has done its job well.“

Taking You From Beginner To Expert

This book was last updated in January 2015. Since then there have been significant changes to the look and feel of the Desktop and also new Raspberry Pi models released. Much of the content of this book is still relevant but may, in some cases, be accessed slightly differently. As such, I am now offering the eBook version totally free of charge.

You can download free copies of this book at Kobo, Smashwords and Gumroad. The print edition of the book is still available at Amazon at a low price. This book covers the the Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+. It’s contents are largely applicable to the Model 2 and 3.

The world of computing moves fast and since the Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012, a lot has changed. Even as an absolute beginner you will start on a journey that will ultimately leave you knowledgeable and with the confidence to work your Raspberry Pi to the limit. All you need is this book and some time to work through it.

Organised in seven sections, each containing chapters aimed at taking you to the next step. From connecting your Raspberry Pi to choosing and selecting add-ons and using the Raspbian Operating System and desktop environment, you will be well on your way to expert status. INSIDER GUIDE will show you how to use hard drives and printers and how to connect cameras to take great pictures. Create your own website and then a stunning media centre to manage all your TV and music needs. You’ll even learn how to make your Pi speak and create an amazing home office using free world-class software.

Moving on, you will learn to master programming and become proficient in some of the industry standard languages available to you, including Bash, Python, Scratch and assembly language. Learn about other Operating Systems available for the Raspberry Pi, including RISC OS , Pidora and Arch Linux. Finally, discover the Raspberry Pi board itself, and find out how you can use the GPIO port to connect and control the outside world using simple examples.

In over 400 pages you will learn so much from the RASPBERRY PI INSIDER GUIDE including how to:

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