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Information well presented, I am a fan of RISC OS. Bruce has a very readable style of writing. The information is well presented"
"I still have an Archimedes 3000 squirreled away somewhere, but there is only so much space to set computers up and run them. Have a RPi and already this book has helped to solve a problem regarding archived files from my old system. Money well spent in my view."

Discover the best OS for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi RISC OS System Programming shows you how to get the most from RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi. This book takes the lid off the RISC OS operating system and reveals how to really use it. Available in traditional print format or as an eBook.

Aimed at those wishing to learn how to program RISC OS directly but are struggling with the Programmers Reference Manuals (PRMs) or simply don’t know where to start – this book will teach you everything you need to know to get the most from RISC OS and your Raspberry Pi. Providing lucid descriptions, award winning author Bruce Smith keeps things simple and includes plenty of examples you can try for yourself. Ideas and concepts are introduced in the order required so you should never be left wondering.

Raspberry Pi RISC OS System Programming Revealed is your first step to understanding RISC OS and using the PRMs to full effect. Examples are provided in BBC BASIC and Assembler, all of which can be downloaded from the book support page here.

RISC OS System Programming Revealed includes:

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Raspberry Pi RISCOS Programming Revealed