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Assembly Language the RISC OS Way

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"Another great Bruce Smith book. This time, it’s Assembly Language on the RISC OS. I purchased this book and the Raspbian Assembly book. They have similar content but this one is focused on assembler on RISC OS. It’s great to have another perspective on programming Assembler for different OS’s on the same hardware platform. What you’ll see is that while the tools and OS calls differ, in the end, assembler offers the same instructions on the SoC (system on a chip) computer. Understanding assembler is key to understanding how computers work. Buying this book and installing RISC OS is a great way to learn assembler in a not-so-familiar (to me) environment."

Assembly Language on the best OS available for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Assembly Language RISC OS is a Hands-On-Guide to learning to program ARM assembly language on the Raspberry Pi using the RISC operating system.

The book starts from first principles using a modular approach with clear descriptions. Gradually progressing onto more complex topics you will become an accomplished and confident programmer by following the examples and applying them yourself. The book continues right through to advanced topics such as the use of floating point arithmetic, Thumb code and how to turn LEDs on and off using the GPIO interface.

The book shows how to use the inbuilt BBC BASIC Assembler to create and generate machine code and includes examples that demonstrate how to integrate the flexibility of BASIC into your assembler. Later chapters introduce the industry standard (and free) GCC Compiler and demonstrate how to create machine code.

From learning binary numbers, through to the use of logical instructions, this book continues right through to the use of floating point arithmetic, Thumb code and how to turn LEDs on and off using the GPIO interface. There is also a section of how to disassemble C programs to generate your own assembly language files.

All example programs, in BBC BASIC and for use with the GCC Compiler, are available on the book resource page here.

This book was originally published under the title Raspberry Pi Assembly Language Beginners. It has been significantly revised and updated and renamed so as to distinguish it from its sister volume Raspberry Pi OS Assembly Language. Just some of the many features include:

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RISC OS Assembley Language Beginners