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Unique Sideways RAM introduced by Acorn

Sideways RAM is a technique central to the philosophy of Acorn’s BBC Master series of computers. It allows you to load in software from disc or cassette which is designed to behave as if it were part of the machine, and is always on tap to the user. This book allows you to exploit Sideways RAM to the full. The book is backed up with tried and tested software for you to use straight away or adapt to your needs.

The secrets of Acorn’s ROM Filing System (RFS) are laid open to you and explained in full with numerous examples- there’s even a ROM formatter, developed by the author for use on commercial software, ready for you to type in and use.

First published by Victory Publishing in 1986, a revised edition was realesed in 1987.  Victory Publising was a one-time veture with Tony Quinn, Alex van Someren and myself. The entire book was produced on a dot-trix printer as camera-ready artwork. It actually turned out okay!

The program listings in the book where output to a dot-matrix (yes, dot-matrix) printer and these were used directly as artwork for the book. With time these have fadded and therefore these in the book copy I used to create the PDF are not great.

This book includes:

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BBC Micro Sideways RAM User Guide