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Unique Sideways ROMS and RAMs introduced by Acorn

The use of ROM-based software is a feature that is almost unique to the BBC Micro. This highly practical book covers full all aspects of using, designing and choosing ROM-based software and the ancillaries it involves.

It shows how the paged ROM system and ROM filing system work, and provides programming examples to help readers produce their own sideways ROMs using EPROMS and Sideways RAM.

In addition, the large amounts of available page ROM associated hardware, such as ROM boards, Sideways RAM and EPROM programmers, and ROM-based software - including toolkits, monitors and utilities – are examined in detail, along with second processor compatibility.

Published in 1985 by Collins, the book was unique in that the back end of the book included the programs in bar-code format. Thus anyone with a bar-code reader could scan the programs into their Beeb. The book ran to 280 pages.

Chapter List:

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The BBC Micro ROM Book