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“Probably one of the best assembly language books I’ve seen. Although I used to do some assembly language programming many years ago, this book was a very good refresher and clearly explained… Highly recommended.“
“I have found this book to be an excellent read. I have learned a great deal about ARM.“

ARM A32 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE is the complete guide to learning ARM programming. This comprehensive volume is applicable to all current 32-bit ARM architectures including ARMv7 and ARMv8. This includes the processors available on most Single Board Computers currently available.

The book covers the new Unified Assembly Language (UAL) and the use of AArch32 State in the latest range of ARM microprocessors. Program examples are provided that are written using the GCC Assembler and Compiler which is freely available for most computer operating systems.It covers all aspects of the ARM instruction set including Thumb, Neon, Advanced SIMD and Vector Floating Point Programming.
(Note: This contents of this book are based on the Raspberry Pi Assembly Language version.)

Some of the many features include:

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ARM A32 Assembley Language